To preserve our most treasured items, we need safe ways to prove authenticity, origin, and ownership. Yet, today’s solutions are flawed. Certificates can be forged. RFIDs and holograms can’t eliminate theft and counterfeiting. Online product registries expose personal data to hacks. The result: trillions of dollars in value are lost annually to fraud, counterfeiting and theft.


Storing your product’s relevant documentation is often done using physical paper, which can be misplaced or destroyed in an accident. When product registration is available, the data is stored on proprietary databases over which users have no control. Owners need a simple solution allowing them to securely store their products’ proof of ownership, authenticity and other documentation, like warranties, in one place. They also have to have complete control over how, when, and by whom this information can be accessed.


The current owner of a product is often unreachable by the brand as products can change hands after purchase. This can lead to mistargeted communications if a product was, for example, purchased as a gift or resold on the second- hand market. Brands need a solution that would allow them to have an open communication channel with a product’s current owner at all times. Although it may sound obvious, the ability to maintain direct contact with the owners of its products - without an intermediary - is a great leap forward for brands.

Tomorrow, the ownership of our assets will be safely stored in a blockchain, making robbery a thing of the past, and bringing augmented features to your physical goods.

The Arianee solution

We see a better way to preserve value for people, brands, and society.

Backed by blockchain, these records are impossible to destroy, forge, or breach and they capture a lifetime of product information.

Arianee is building the first perpetual, secure protocol for trusted digital certificates for all the world’s objects.

Arianee preserves safe and private relationships between items, owners, and brands. We call this the “Smart-Link.”

The basics

Arianee is an open protocol on which a developer can easily develop decentralized apps. And the best is yet to come.

The “Vault”

The Vault is an easy-to-use online repository where owners can register all their products free of charge. Backed by blockchain, it’s failproof and 100% secure.


Products registered on the Arianee blockchain are displayed as “Smart-Assets,” which can be saved along with proof of ownership, warranties, and other important documents.


The Smart-Link gives owners full control over access to their vault. Owners choose which data to share, when, and with whom. Brands and all future owners maintain a lasting link that they control.

Brand Data Hub

In the hub, brands can authenticate objects and connect to product owners throughout a product’s lifetime. Developers can integrate with ERPs, CRMs and more.

Why blockchain?

Instead of relying on brands to verify authenticity and other product attributes, Arianee uses blockchain for decentralized, independent and secure verification. While blockchain might not be a good fit for all projects, it is, in fact, ideal for Arianee. It allows all users to trust each other without relying on a single third party. Anyone can run a public validation node to verify the integrity of the blockchain at all times.

All the nodes in the network are needed to verify sales, transfers of ownership, and other information – so fraud is eliminated and data is preserved forever.

At the same time, only authority nodes with a verified identity can seal blocks and add new information to the Arianee blockchain.

This ensures the integrity of the network and enables the Arianee network to run faster and more efficiently.

Arianee’s team

Emmanuelle Collet


Marketing & Strategic project manager in Luxury market. Former international Media Project Manager @Omega

Julien Romanetto


Serial entrepreneur (Overblog, Teads, Secret Media, CryptoFarm) Crypto Expert & Advisor in multiple successful ICOs.

Alexandre Cognard


Serial entrepreneur (web agencies, e-commerce & Vestiaire Collective, FDM) Former CTO @Vestiaire Collective

Christian Jorge


Serial entrepreneur (web agencies, e-commerce & Vestiaire Collective, NéoCité) Former VP Operations & CPO @Vestiaire Collective

Fréderic Montagnon

Chairman Board Member

Accomplished entrepreneur with 4 exited company for a total value of $400M+. Ranked 7th largest startup investor in France. Well-known blockchain influencer involved in cryptocurrency since 2013

Jean-Marc Bellaiche

Business Development

Former Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business development for Tiffany & co with 20 years of experience in the luxury sector. He was previously a Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group.

Luc Jodet

Business Architecture

Former business analyst at a Fortune 500 company turned entrepreneur (service design agency, BUYECO energy marketplace).


Gregory Pouy

Brand Evangelist

Speaker and marketing consultant specialized in the beauty, fashion and luxury industries teaches digital marketing at HEC, Essec and Dauphine.


Julien Abriel

Product Manager

Experienced product manager (10+ years) at startups (Vestiare Collective, Onepark), large corporations (Le Monde AFPA) and public institutions (The European Parlement, Centre Pompidou).




    Fabrice Ezzine

    Lead Back End

    Full-stack developer with over 12 years of experience as lead developer (Cairn) and scrum master (Vestiaire Collective).






      Stephen Ferron


      Award-winning copywriter. Chief editors for global clients in a number of industries. MA in World Music Studies and Mass Communications, MSt in Creative Writing Cambridge.




        Julien Sechaud

        Lead Tech Mobile

        Experienced Mobile Tech Project Manager with both a design and IT background. He brings a wide range of early-stage startup experience.






          Kurban Atabinen

          Lead Front End

          Multi-Skilled Developer. Years of experience in web and mobile applications development. Creator of a Backside Development platform.


            Eric Darrieus

            COO Balanciaga

            Eric Darrieus, the COO at Balenciaga, has had a long and distinguished career in the luxury goods sector including well over a decade in senior positions at various LVMH companies.




            Guillaume Boilot

            COO Vacheron Constantin

            Guillaume Boilot is the Chief Operating Officer at Vacheron Constantin, a branch of Richemont international. He has extensive experience in performance improvement, business development, business process improvements, cross-functional team leadership and strategy.



            Jeremy Bokobza

            Lead Dev Stratis

            Jeremy Bokobza is a professional software developer, with a strong knowledge in .NET, architecture and cybersecurity. Currently lead blockchain developer for Stratis ,where he focus on wallets and privacy protocols.





            Robert Jan Broer

            Founder Fratello watches

            Robert Jan Broer is the Founder and Editor of Fratello Watches. He is a well-known watch collector and influencer who works closely with leading brands to promote the fine craftsmanship of exceptional pieces.





            Amaury Guedel

            Business Partner Sanofi

            Amaury Guedel is a Business Partner at Sanofi and co-founder of the Corporate Competitive Intelligence Department. An expert strategist in the external environment for corporate decisions, he evaluates and creates new business models for healthcare, impacted by digital disruption. He has a special interest in exploring the possibilities offered by innovative blockchain projects like Arianee’s.



            Pierre Nicolas Hurstel

            EVP strategy business UBM

            Pierre Nicolas Hurstel is a New York-based entrepreneur who currently serves as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at UBM fashion. He is also a co-founder and partner at the consultancy Blue Change.





            Patricia Barbizet

            Board Member at Kering

            Patricia Barbizet was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Christie’s in 2014, the first female CEO of the company. She has been Executive Director of Groupe Artémis since 1992 and is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Kering (ex PPR) and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Christie’s. She was ranked number 6 in Fortune Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Women in EMEA.



              Jean-Michel Kientz

              CIO Fast Retailing USA (UNIQLO)

              Jean-Michel Kientz is a global executive with 20 years’ experience in building Information systems for fast growing international companies in luxury, fashion and apparel, operating across retail, e-commerce and wholesale. He is currently SVP & CIO at Fast Retailing USA. He previously spent more than 14 years at LVMH in senior roles.




              Fabien Potencier

              Symphony creator

              Fabien Potencier is a developer by passion, who constantly looks for better ways to build websites. He founded the Symfony project in 2004 to achieve this goal. Aserial-entrepreneur, Fabien also founded Sensio, a software company that provides products, services, and technical support for the Open-Source Symfony framework.




              Hadrien Charlanes

              CEO VariabL (Consensys)

              Hadrien Charlanes is the founder and CEO at VariabL, a company that brings derivatives markets and stable tokens to Ethereum. He is also a software engineer at Consensys, developing decentralized applications development on Ethereum.





              Delphine Vitry

              CEO Mad network (ex LVMH)

              Delphine Vitry of the MAD Network is a former director of architecture at LVMH, and a muse to all luxury brand owners for their retail strategy.






              Laurent Salat

              Expert Blockchain at Theseus

              Laurent Salat is the founder of Project Theseus, a data analysis platform dedicated to cryptocurrency ledgers (blockchains). Laurent, who is committed to  all technologies that improve our lives,is a blockchain expert recognized by his peers as a powerful advocate and a passionate leader.





              Sylvie Gleises

              CEO Europe AXA ART

              Sylvie started her career in strategy consulting before joining AXA Group in 2006 where she held various positions at headquarter level, notably as Secretary of the Board of Directors and Chief of Staff of former Charmain & CEO Henri de Castries; she joined AXA ART in 2014 where she now acts as CEO South-West Europe as well as global Head of Distribution/Marketing/Communication.



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